Bridging Ancient Culture globally for Respect and Unity


We, Tribal People around the world of diverse cultures, spiritual expressions, belief, practices, culture and traditions hereby establish the INTERNATIONAL TRIBAL ROYAL SOCIETY WORLDWIDE (ITRSW) to promote daily Tribal People cooperation globally to create space for right to self determination and unite for the Tribal People entire development.

We respect the uniqueness of each tradition and differences of practice or belief.

We value our Tribal voices that respect other tribes and believe that sharing our ancient values and wisdom can lead us to act for the welfare of all.

we believe that our survival, existence, cultural expressions,rather than dividing us, guide us to build community and respect its territory and jurisdiction.

Therefore, as an interdependent Tribal People rooted in our culture and traditions, we now unite for the good of our Nature Earth.

We unite to build Tribal culture of peace and fairness.

We unite to protect our ancestral land and heal the earth.

We unite to provide international opportunity for participation of all Tribal People, especially the voices of the Tribal People are not heard.

We unite to use our combined efforts and resources, merciful action, and respect all Tribal People for the peaceful Earth.

We unite as a Tribal Society in every country to revive our utmost ancient Kingdom to serve the Tribal People.

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