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TRIBES AND NATURES DEFENDERS-TRINAD Inc.                                              


Barnachea Compound, Purok 6  Kiwalan

9200 Iligan City, Lanao del Norte Philippines           

Mobile Phone No.:  +63-999-973-758-9

Passport No.: EB1599589

Email: [email protected], [email protected]  



Degree: Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

              Mindanao State university,-Iligan Institute of Technology


Masteral/On going Study: Sustainable Development/Public Administration

Area of Specialization: Non-Government Organization, Community Development and Activist for  Change in the most neglected areas.




  1. Pure Blooded Higa-onon Tribe
  2. Five (5) years of experience in supervisory work in Non-Government Organization, Social Enterprise that focused on the social networks campaign and development of the different communities especially those in need like Indigenous Peoples, marginalized groups; and promoting deprived rights, peace building, community development and protection of the ecosystem/environment for social change.
  3. Four years of experience in Administrative and Management work in our own Indigenous Peoples Non-Government Organization, which is the Higa-onon Ha Migasabuwa Ta Lanao, Inc.
  5. Effective community researcher, Social Change campaigner, Human Rights Activist, organizer and planner for the co-existence of the tribe and the Environment.
  6. Interacts well with staff members, Tribal leaders and Elders at all levels for the betterment of the tribal people and its environment
  7. Compose project proposals at any rate and Trained in Networking.
  8. Trained in Climate change mitigation, adaptation and reducing its impact towards the vulnerable indigenous people’s habitat.
  9. Attended thirty three trainings/workshops and International workshop related to Indigenous Peoples, conflict Resolution and Social Change Campaigning.
  10. Worked on data collection focusing on the cultural heritage of the Tribal People.
  11. A cooperation circle, of UNITED RELIGION INITIATIVE INTERNATIONAL, in 80 Countries.
  12. Recognized by the UNITED NATION SOCIETIES NETWORK as a lead of Indigenous Organization.
  13. Member of TECHNICAL WORKING GROUPS in Lanao Del Norte Province for the Humanitarian Assistance Plan in Office of the Commissioner on Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA), UNITED NATIONS

Bae Salubsub Jessiee Kaur Singh


5 James Street, Noble Park

Victoria Australia 3174

Mobile: 0411 300 655

tel/fax: +61 3 9547 8958

Email Address: [email protected]


President WIN Foundation (Women's Interfaith Network Foundation)

President COMMON (Centre of Melbourne MultiFaith & Others Network)

President Emeritus GreenFaith Australia

MultiFaith , Women Affairs and human rights Representative of Sikh Council Australia and UnitedSikhs

Ambassador Akaal Purkh Ki Fauj, Amritsar

Former Global Trustee of URI

Founding Member/Former President of MultiFaith Association SA

Women's Policy Subcommittee, Ethnic Communities Council Victoria

Member of Global Peace Forum, Peace Educators

Patron of Youth Development Trust, Pakistan


Avenue Huaylas No.1086 – Chorrillos . Lima – Peru .

[email protected] 

[email protected]


facebook: RevDavid Limo

Cel. RPC (51) 968-217057

Cel. MOVIST (51) 995-655990



From father Mochica-Chimu (Chiclayo) huanca mother (Jauja) of Peru, South America. Former member of the Global Council Trustees of United Religions Initiative. Working in interfaith cooperation for peace culture. With over 10 years of management experience in driving social and NGO's. Capabilities to facilitate dialogue processes, conciliation and consensus level multiculturalism social and political scenarios for human rights, justice, peace, poverty, exclusion and violence situations, discrimination and stigma, gender equity, social inclusion and environmental responsibility . Anglican Episcopal clergyman, Christian and believer of Pachamama and the indigenous worldview of our Latin American. Health Rights Consultant and community educator. National Coordinator (Peru) of INERELA + (International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected by HIV & AIDS). Coordinator of Interfaith Cooperation Circle of URI LIMA, interfaith dialogue in Lima-Peru for justice and human rights processes, assessment of the ancient wisdom of our peoples and coordination with national networks for a culture of peace.


Yoland Trevino, M.S., was born in Guatemala and is proud to be a member of the Mayan community. Ms. Trevino, is a visionary educator and trainer who focuses on issues related to personal and organizational change. The former executive director of the Vaughn Family Center in Pacoima, California, which has been recognized nationally and internationally for its innovative programs, Ms. Trevino has trained diverse groups in the United States and abroad, including corporations, academia and community-based organizations. During her tenure at Vaughn, Ms. Trevino played a key role in helping the community mobilize toward economic and social change by nurturing the growth of a culture that emphasizes openness, collaborative leadership and the "art of the possible." In an article commissioned by National Center for Service Integration, "Unleashing the Human Capital," Ms. Trevino highlights her innovative work in the Vaughn Family Center.


In 1996 Mrs. Trevino, joined Case Western University’s two years program “Global Excellent in Management”, where she joined a cadre of global Appreciative Inquiry practitioners. She has served on many educational committees including the Domestic Policy Council for the Clinton administration and the Latino Caucus for Family Support America. After 25 years working in the fields of education, health, psychology, family support and community development, Ms. Trevino founded Transformative Collaborations International in 1996. Using innovative organizational process and tools, Ms. Trevino, works nationally and internationally supporting educational efforts that unleash the talents of children, youth and families. She earned a Master's degree in Human Behavior and a Master's degree in Psychology from Pacific Oaks College.


 Mrs. Trevino, is the immediate past Chair for the Global Council for United Religions Initiative. URI (United Religions Initiative) is an internationally recognized interfaith network active in 80 countries with its global office in San Francisco, California. URI cultivates and connects grassroots change-makers across religious, cultural and geographic boundaries, harnessing their collective power to take on religiously motivated violence and social, economic and environmental crises that destabilize regions and contribute to poverty.


In addition, Mrs.Trevino, is the founder and coordinator of the Global Indigenous Initiative. She works closely with indigenous representatives from Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Panama, Bolivia, Ecuador, North America, Australia, New Zealand and India.  One of the goals of the Global Indigenous Initiative is to recover, indigenous values and ancestral knowledge and to share this wisdom with the world. In partnership with the Grand Council of Mayan Elders and indigenous elders from South, Central and North America she creates international forums to explore sustainable solutions to environmental and economic problems in indigenous communities.  She is a member of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and has represented indigenous Mayan Elders. 


Ms. Trevino, lives in Altadena, CA and  is the Founder, Executive Director and Board President of Pasadena/Altadena Coalition of Transformative Leaders and can be reached at: [email protected] and 626 797-3379

Muhammad Dawood Sheikh a 23 years old young boy, student of Beacon House National University and doing specialization in media studies. He gave exams of M.A Part 1 political Science from Punjab University. He is Managing Trustee of Young Development Trust® (Establishing a Technical and Vocational University in Gujranwala, Pakistan). He floated the idea of this university during the 2008 to 2010 period, when the trauma of terrorism and extremism was at peak. He discussed it with his friends and then started working on it. He organized a meeting and shared his idea in the meeting and Mr. Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal (Ex-Minister Education, Punjab) appreciated his idea and provided the land for the Technical and vocational university. Mrs. Jessie Kaur Singh (President WIN FOUNDATION, President COMMON Australia), Mr. Hameed Akhtar (Late) Chairman of the Trust, (Renowned writer & intellectual having a long history of struggle) Mr. Iqbal Haider Butt (Senior Consultant, UN fellowship) and The grandson of a prominent Urdu literature writer and a great intellectual of 20th Century Mr. Mumtaz Mufti, Mr. Irfan Mufti (Director SAP-Pk), Dr. Shah Muhammad Murree, Saba Hameed (Artist), Dr. Siddiqu-e- Rabbani (Chairperson Bio Medical and Physics Department University of Dhaka), Robert Wood (Asia Pacific Center IOFC Australia) are providing much needed encouragement and guidance to Muhammad Dawood Sheikh in making this dream a reality MAPS, BOQ etc has been completed and Mainstay Builders have started the project’s construction and its in progress. This university is dedicated to peace and will educate and equip youth with skills so that they can get rid of extremism.

A 23 years old young boy make his dream true. A team of highly respected, renowned and notable social, political and intellectual personalities from Pakistan is providing guidance, support to this initiative.

IOFC invited him to Asia Pacific Youth Conference in Australia as an ambassador of Pakistan and AUSAID sponsored him. He delivered a speech for 12 minutes at Asia pacific youth Conference Australia. He also did training for 2 months in SAFMA (South Asian Free Media Association, SAARC MEDIA BODY) in Electronic Media journalism. He developed the concept and initiated the societies in the first IT based University of Pakistan Virtual University of Pakistan under the name of ECHO. He is also General Secretary of ROPE foundation.

His first feature published in the national English newspaper when he was 17 years old. He writes features in “The Post” (National Newspaper), AYJW (Association of young journalists and writers) Website and “Cutting edge” (International Magazine) etc.


He was 14 years old when he did internship at Mr. Iqbal Haider Butt’s (Consultant UNDP) office. He got connected with BARGAD and participated in World Social Forum from the platform of BARGAD. He is still working with BARGAD as a volunteer. He is doing voluntary work for last 8 years for different national and international organizations and served BARGAD as Media Coordinator in ALL PAKISTAN STUDENT LEADERS CONFERENCE. He got best volunteer of the year Award 2010 from UNFPA and BARGAD. He got Achievement Award by E-Town (A renowned radio in USA) and has been selected amongst the top 50 influential young people in the world by Youth Services America for his services in education sector. He has been again invited by Pakistani community to visit Australia. He has been nominated as Ambassador of Pakistan by SUNFO (Sri-Lanka United Nations Friends Organization). He represented Pakistan on different international forums such as South Asian Social Forum Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has been invited by Friends of Moral Re-Armament India (IOFC) on a conference “Making Democracy Real” which is going to be held on 8 January 2012 in Panchgani, Maharashtra India. That was a great honor that Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi (Grandson Mahatma Gandhi, Ex-Senator India) personally invited him to a conference “Healing the History” to be held in Switzerland in July. He participated in that conference and met with the global leaders such as Mr. Rajmohan Gandhi, Ms Mee Moo (Ex- Senator USA), Dr. Patrick (University of Nebraska USA), Dr. Ishtiaq (Swedish Political Scientist) etc.  Mr. Suresh Vazirani Sponsored his whole trip. He shared his ideas and also his work and got a lot of appreciation from the participants (politicians, professors, highly professional, experts) from 47 different countries.   

Sok Sidon is a dynamic Cambodian youth, peace builder, human right activist, peace advocate and practitioner. He has a degree in education with an English language major from BELTEI International University, Cambodia. He is also a humanitarian and married to Seang Sam Ath, a medical doctor, Medical Coordinator at Empowering Youth in Cambodia Organization. We have a son who is our seed of peace for the future.


Currently, he is a Founder and President of Youth Partners in Development and Peace (YPDP), a social-linked youth organization with working with youth and for youth, and a Cooperation Circle of United Religions Initiative (URI), where he is responsible for mentor and guide youth to achieve their goals, operate and coordinate, cultural preservation, leadership and interfaith dialogue, peacekeeping and holds capacity building training for youth as students on personal development, team building, and youth empowerment. YPDP dedicated to promote youth interest, social development, and culture of peace, human right and democracy in Cambodia and over the world.


Sidon is also a reporter/translator at The Cambodia Daily Newspaper, an independent newspaper dedicated to strengthening a free press and training journalists. He reports the issues in Cambodian society such as human right abuse, labor disputes, crime, social beneficiary event which are giving value for human being and social welfare, justice, development and peace, etc.


His passion is to impel positive social changes and sustainable development through youth participation, to see youth live their dream, faith in doing good action and to also help them building inner-peace through true and mutual understanding.


Syed Ali Imran Naqvi, is a well-known senior Media person in Pakistan. He has been working for different leading media organizations of Pakistan on key positions. He has been delivering his services to the most renowned media channels like PTV World , Hum TV , Apna Channel (the most popular and leading Punjabi TV Channel with a viewership of  70% of the total Pakistani population), Sindh TV (Sindhi language) Awaz TV ( Sindhi language) and Waseb TV (Saraiki language), Radio FM 96 Voice of Peace (North & South Waziristan, Swat, KPK listenership). He is a progressive poet, writer and a social worker. As a student of history and religions he has a deep insight and knowledge of different societies, cultures and religions. He is well versed in languages like English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi and Saraiki.  He is amongst the founders of ever first peace oriented organization of Jhang named QUEST. He developed ever first concept of an interfaith harmony for  peace through electronic media and behavior modification workshops with the help of world’s top most scholars, lawyers, psychologists and social scientists under the umbrella of ROPE (Religious Orientation of Peace and Equality).

Early life,  Family BAckground and Career

Syed Ali Imran was born in one of the most famous city of Punjab, Jhang.  A city that has produced great poets, mystics, politicians and scientists.  He belongs to a very renowned and respected Syed family of Jhang whose origin can be traced back to renowned Arab tribe Banu Hashim.  His ancestor Hazrat Jalal Ud Din Surkhposh Bukhari (R.A) travelled from Arabia to India via Bukhara (Uzbekistan), Jalalabad (Afghanistan).  One of the great grandsons of Hazrat Jalal Ud Din Bukhari  Hazrat Mehboob Alam known as Shah Jeewna (R.A) was also a Great Sufi Saint who is buried in Jhang. Syed Ali Imran and his family are known as Shah Jeewna Family.   His family is very well known family of Pakistan for having spiritual personalities, intellectuals and politicians. One of his family Member Col. Syed Abid Hussain was the first education minister of Pakistan.

Syed Ali Imran had the opportunity to attend the same educational institutions of Jhang those produced thousands of work renowned personalities like noble laureate Dr. Abdul Salam.  At the age of 13 he started working as peace activist from the platform of Quest. He has been member of different literary, social, cultural and educational organizations, helping poor for their educational needs, supporting the families of addicts who are unable to arrange treatment for their loved ones. He has also been delivering counseling to addicts and their families.

Syed Ali Imran had mentorship from the renowned Pakistani Writer and Psychologist Dr. Ali Akbar Mansoor (author of more than 20 books on psychology and literature). Syed Ali Imran also has been privileged by the company of Pakistan’s top intellectuals like Faiz Ahmad Faiz Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi, Qateel Shifai Asghar Nadeem Syed, Ata Ul Haq Qasmi, Intezar Hussain, Prof. Dr Tehseen Firaqi, Farhat Shah and Shafiq Ahmed Khan.    

Publications and TV Programs.

Syed Ali Imran Naqvi has numerous articles, features, Radio and TV programs on his credit.  His articles and reports have been published in leading digest and newspapers covering the topics of  Peace, Humanism, Interfaith Hrmony, Economics, Human Psychology, and religions. He has participated as an economic analyst in some of the significant TV.

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