Bridging Ancient Culture globally for Respect and Unity


INTERNATIONAL TRIBAL ROYAL SOCIETY WORLDWIDE adds new Tribal Circles (TCs) each month. TCs are created by people who share a common vision: that our culture, tradition and spiritual lives, rather than divide us, can guide us to build community to be respected by the outsiders. When you and your group create a Tribal Circle you become part of an extraordinary force for good of the Tribes around the world.

A Tribal Circle is formed to initiate acts of the Tribal People cooperation and unity.  TCs share perspectives from different traditions; offer humanitarian relief; organize Tribal festivals; Protection of the ancestral lands, offer healing;Introduce Health Education, Build Tribal Schools for  educational programs; create opportunities for economic development and sustainable agriculture for the welfare of the Tribal communities worldwide.

  • Imagine a growing global Tribal community of Circles. Imagine yourself as a part of that Tribal community.
  • Imagine how a ITRSW Tribal Circle could take root where you live to address a particular community need or interest.
  • Discuss how such a group could develop from the passion, determination, creativity and resourcefulness of people from Tribes around the globe.
  • Explore why an existing group to which you already belong might desire to engage as a ITRSW Tribal Circle as part of its work.
  • Discuss benefits of connecting with other CCs around the world.
  • Imagine what your TC could do to serve the worldwide Tribal community.

Existing Groups and Organizations:

An existing group may choose to become a TC. For example, existing Tribal organizations might join ITRSW Tribal Circles because they desire to be part of a global Tribal network of individuals and networks for collective action.

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