Bridging Ancient Culture globally for Respect and Unity

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International Tribal Royal Society Worldwide

An International Tribal/Indigenous Led Non Government Organization to respond Tribal/Indigenous issues on the Rights to Self determination, Education, Traditional Lands, Environment, Sustainable development, Traditional Justice System, Recognition of Self Tribal Governance, Fading Belief, Practices, Culture and Tradition; and bringing their unheard voices of the ancient people globally through partnering the different International Non Government Organization, Funding Agencies, Charities and Donors to realize and answer the issues of Indigenous Peoples/Tribes in a hundred years struggle to gain identity respect and Cultural Survival.

Global Issues on Indigenous Peoples Worldwide


Identity and Survival

Tribal Community


Destruction of Ancestral Lands

Who are the Tribal People

Peace Loving People
Having their on Identity
Loving , Sharing and God Fearing

There does not seem to be one definitive definition of indigenous people, but generally indigenous people are those that have historically belonged to a particular region or country, before its colonization or transformation into a nation state, and may have different—often unique—cultural, linguistic, traditional, and other characteristics to those of the dominant culture of that region or state. In some parts of the world, they are very few indigenous people, while in other parts; they may number into the hundreds of thousands, even millions. Over the years, many groups of people have been wiped out, either by diseases of colonizing peoples, or through policies of extermination. Those indigenous societies that remain today are predominantly subsistence-based (i.e. farming or hunting for food for immediate use), and non-urbanized, sometimes nomadic.


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